Everything Is Fine

by Fourth Line

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released January 14, 2015

All songs written by Fourth Line
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Sean Steinmetz
Artwork by Matt Russo



all rights reserved


Fourth Line Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Time Bomb
I’m finally aware of my weakness, Can you see this?
Cause I was never good at describing how I’m feeling
I’m still a locked box and I know that’s a fault of mine
Cause every couple months I’ll burst and show my ugly side
The one I try so hard to hide

I can feel the pressure building once again
I try to play it off, try to pretend
That everything’s just fine

Don't look for the ordinary
Lost behind this mask I'm wearing.
So let me be, and I'll show you, that my heads spinning faster than you know
Just give me the time to get back home.

If you could just get inside my head for just a second
You could see just how you wrecked it
And understand where I’m coming from
I know It’s not your fault, that you don’t deserve that
But I just couldn’t help it
I hit my breaking point for the last time

I felt the pressure release once again
The look on your face, what just happened?
You thought everything was fine
Track Name: Don't Worry Guys, I Brought Shawshank
I’ve been yawning, but I cannot fall asleep
There are too many thoughts in my head
As I lie in bed, another restless night, now that I'll have to fight again

I can’t remember the last time I fell asleep, before 2 in the morning,
I’m always tossing and turning
And as I roll around from side to side, I find it sad that I am forced to reside
To these empty bottles to help me get to sleep at night

Wasting time that could have been spent,
Writing lines just to help myself move on, forget

I’ve been burning the midnight oil,
Just trying to find why I hate watching the sun rise,
Track Name: Change Of Plans
Like the picture of you hanging over my shoulder, this is getting very heavy.
I asked my dad why I get so mad, he says I need to take it easy.
A balance in all the things you need, some middle ground will make you happy.

I'm sorry to change up all your plans, it wasn't your fault it ended this fast.
I'm willing to change to fix all this, but I'll do it for me this time instead.

A night out in the city I thought I saw you a hundred times.
Six weeks later you're face is fading right into the riverside.
Are you still talking of me in your sleep?
And are your words just as nice?

I'm sorry to cut short all our plans, I took some bad advice I guess.
I won't miss the bruises on my ribs, but maybe one day this can be fixed.

I feel tired and cracked
Like the roses you hang on your doorframe
I felt at peace in your bed
But these changes and burdens were good for me

I hope this finds you well
But I see why I did this to start with
Eleven months will tell
If the fourteen before were worth it
Track Name: With Flying Colors
It was two and a half years that I spent,
Living with fear
Of what, I wanted
And what I really needed was
To forget about her
And you came and did that,
Yeah you came and did that
With flying colors

It started out as just a fling,
But you got the best of me.
And if I told you what I think,
Would you believe me?
Or would you turn the other cheek and stop listening
To every word I speak
To every word I speak

Then it took off, couldn’t stop it if we tried
All these feelings that we had, it was dumb to try to hide
Cause everybody knew it, and so did you and I.
Couldn’t stop it if we tried

It was sometime around midnight
That always took me back
To the summer we first met
We’d stay up all night
Listening to those songs
That made me feel just right
Track Name: Suck Brick, Kid!
Oh how I’ve missed this place
Everything I left is still the same
You run and run but can’t hide from it
It pulls you back where you belong
You convince yourself that you’re still wanted
By all these girls that drag you along
I can feel my past demons crawling over me
Every time that I come back here

I lied and said I was good for you
The truth is something you can’t handle
I need to get far away from here
This place will always haunt my dreams

Woah I’ll never forget you
Woah I think that I should
Woah I wanna forget you
Woah I wish that I could

Thinking back on all the times we had
I can honestly say it wasn’t too bad
Yeah, all my friends from school
God, we thought we were cool
They’re a bunch of low lives now
Aren’t you proud that I didn’t stick around
Aren’t you proud?

Aren’t you proud? That I didn’t stick around
Track Name: Transparent
The worst will come and never leave,
Seeing the end of you, is all I need
So much bullshit in your mouth
Will you ever know what It's really about?
You're pulling along anyone who will listen
while you go on and on and on

Oh my god, here we go again
Thinking that we were friends
One day you won't have much to say
When your throne of lies, starts to decay

I see right through your crooked smile
But they're lining up for miles
You put on a front like you are someone else
So wake up and face the crowd
And man up, don't let me down
Cause they all adore you
Just because they have to

Kill them with kindness, is what they said
I don't understand what goes on in your head